The objectives of the programs at IBSS are: 

  • To bring quality blended learning into the next decade
  • To bring International quality business education to people in the emerging economies globally
  • To offer International quality business education at an affordable price

To develop applied management and business development skills

Vision and Mission

Everyone has the right to a quality degree program at a fair tuition.


We want to give our students access to a quality education.

Become a global educational provider in the field of Business, IT and Management.

Value set: 
As a professional international educational institution, we want to offer our employees, customers and business partners a cooperation based on the following;


  • International perspective
  • Willingness to develop their own business and in their countries



  • Involvement in blended learning methods
  • Education with an international mind


Universities and colleges:
Modern and forward moving
Open to full cooperation



  • Trustworthy
  • Long term commitment
  • Accurate
  • High Academic Level
  • Contribute to the world peace process through education of international students


Target groups:

IBSS focus primarily on Adults in jobs. The target is to upgrade their skills at any level they might be on.

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