Irish Business School is located in the city center close to the main historical sites such as Temple Bar, O ‘Connell Street and Grafton Street . We are only 30 meters from the Immigration Office which facilitates the student quick access to apply for their visa and extension stay.

Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced and aim to help the student in their learning, focusing on pronunciation from basic to advanced English. All of our teachers have English as their mother tongue. We have an excellent campus which features:



Our prices are competitive and affordable. We are focused on helping students especially in their early days in Dublin. We provide tips on accommodations, getting jobs, understanding the culture of Dublin, and most importantly explaining the benefits that studying abroad will bring both to your professional and personal life.

At IBS, we place great emphasis on students’ own research into their chosen field and encourage them to use the college’s library facilities. This library grows continually as we add more and more books.

Audio and video equipment is also available in the library for students learning English.

Quiet areas for self study ensure that you get the most from each class.
In addition to our own library, We are near our local library (just ten minute’s walk away) where students can avail of a full range of services. This library has thousands of books, journals and newspapers on a wide range of topics that students can read and borrow.


Our Student Recreational Area is a place for students to relax and make friends. Helping to create a “home” feeling. This is a chill-out room to unwind down after a demanding class or just to gossip with friends! Hot and cold drinks and snacks are available. You can also surf the net on one of the available PCs while having a coffee. 

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