Students will have a possibility to be allowed to transfer from another institution when the following conditions are fulfilled:

  1. The student transfers from a recognized college or university.
  2. The student has not been expelled from the other institution due to a disciplinary infraction.
  3. The student has obtained at least a B (65 marks and above) in the subjects transferred.
  4. Credit transfer is only applicable for subjects taken within five (5) years of the date of application.

There is no guarantee that credit transfers will be accepted and it will always be decided by IBSS

The office of admissions and registration shall evaluate the student's transcript to determine the equivalencies of the courses the student studied in another university based upon the recommendations of the Faculties that offer those subjects. The courses that are accepted as equivalent shall be entered into the student's transcript and will be counted in calculating his/her number of credit-hours accumulated.

Transfer of the student’s credits shall take place in accordance with the procedures, rules and the dates announced by the IBSS. However, no more than 20% of the credits required for graduation shall be transferred.

After securing the approval of the Deans of the two relevant faculties, a student may transfer from one course of study to another.

A student, after securing the approval of the Dean of the faculty, may transfer from one specialization to another within the same faculty. When a student transfers from one specialization to another, all the courses he/she studied will remain in his/her academic record.

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