MBA stands for Masters of Business Administration. The SBMT MBA program is for those who already have experience and would like to get  career promotion.

  • All SBMT educators have practical experience. SBMT students are experienced specialists and managers. Our program is designed for practical application of knowledge. There are no economics professors with "Soviet" methods of teaching among faculty or "green" graduates from Belarusian universities  among students. Our classes are conducted only by practitioners experienced in business  or counseling. 40% of our students belong to middle- or top-managers of the leading Belarusian and international companies.
  • The broad scope of competence of the Executive.Our program doesn't have a limited direction. It is a general management program, oriented on manager but not a field expert. Particular emphasis is given to the systematization and synthesis of various aspects of business management.
  • The practical orientation.Basic business model and management concepts are action-oriented.
  • Academic background. The program aims to advance knowledge in management techniques, the development of independent survey skills and optimal decision making based on thorough background knowledge.
  • Internationally focused.The course content reflects the most modern world research in theory and practice of management. Special courses and sections are dedicated to various companies' international activities. Courses in the program's English language section are conducted both by foreign and Belarusian lecturers qualified at leading international business schools.
  • Tensions curriculum requires activity, high organization and clarity while studing. Education program is designed for highly motivated students.
  • Teaching methods suppose the active participation of students, plus their desire and ability to be engaged in study process.

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