Mohamed Amin Helmy


Deciding to study an MBA is a big decision, my decision to Start MBA take a lot of time to scan, analyze and compare between all available certification bodies in order to select the best one for my career.

I select IBSS as it has points of difference;

  • Qualified Instructors
  • Online portal
  • Online Study & exams
  • Different material “reference book, training material & lecturer audio”
  •  Positive feedback
  • Professional Adminstration

MBA study with IBSS gave me a wealth of advantages, wide knowledge, skill development, well preparation for higher management position, and made me change my business glass to see the wide view of the business chain.

MBA helping me in connecting specializations and helping me in filling the weakness areas that I missed in the business cycle like marketing, sales & advanced finance.

Studying a Master of Business Administration with IBSS forces me to get out of my comfort zone, deal with the latest issues in international business, apply the newest management techniques, and constantly challenge myself.

Mohamed Amin, LPSplus Regional Manager

Mahmoud Hassan

Actually, and after robust search for an institution to work with to develop and improve my managerial skills and knowledge, I selected to be engaged with IBSS. Thanks god, I accrued the MBA degree from IBSS on 2017. And due to my evaluation for that journey as a positive journey, I decided to go beyond the MBA limits and joined the DBA program with IBSS.

Really, I found a great pleasure and benefits during my education with IBSS as day after day my knowledge and managerial skills are increased and improved and this gives me a passion for doing more and more. Education with IBSS open for me new horizons and I am sure after completing my DBA education with IBSS I will be more comfortable and capable for create a better future for me and for my family and my colleagues

Mahmoud Hassan, Electrical Engineering Group Supervisor

Mohamed Nasr

Thank you for being the best environment where I can learn and be challenged. You actually provide proper and professional classes where I can explore my passions more. You brought professors into my life that I can have great conversations. You brought real life experiences where I can put my passions into practice.Thank you IBSS.

Mohamed Nasr, Head of Internal Audit & Compliance

Ahmed Abdel Fatah

IBSS means easy to learn and hard to leave, IBSS administration and technical staff highly communicated with students, friendly ,not complicated, support you to learn something in your life, I believe within ten years IBSS will be ranked

(Power Generation Engineering And Service Company (PGESCo))

Ahmed Abdel Fatah, Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Bassem Shoukry

IBSS are professionally, positively & quickly respond to students’ feedbacks …really at this point especially their work is extremely appreciated.

I personally have a professional & great story: during one of my courses at IBSS.

They received a negative feedback from us about the instructor: Thankfully the respectable management team take the decision of replacing the instructor with much professional & experience one: this action was extremely appreciated from all of us: they exceed our expectation and let us more than satisfied.


Bassem Shoukry, Egypt & North Africa MBG Head at Fujitsu

Adel Eid

Really I’m very proud to learn many valuable subjects in MBA and followed by DBA in IBSS, this subjects are very convenient for the market and concur with the subjects in other famous universities, the studying in the IBSS is more comfortable and more suitable because anybody could manage the time very well without any headache or discrepancy , in addition the IBSS gave me a chance to good communication with others and enhance our managerial skills which effect on my carrier path, so IBSS could “Focus on yourself”. So I’m proud of what I have achieved with IBSS.

Adel Eid

Sherif Soliman

Since the study began in the IBSS, I found a lot of science in a short time and after a period of study, I found a change in my personality to be structured person, subjects to be a person who is organized and clear in his directions and objectives. I became more optimistic after the positive energy that I gained during the preparation for MBA and realized that everything is possible in the business world. You can manage your life to be better to realize your dreams scientifically and professionally. Finally, thank you very much to the IBSS for all the information it has gained. 

Sherif Soliman, LPSplus Regional Manager
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